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Air conditioning


Today's air conditioners are so much more than just cooling. An air conditioner is actually an air-to-air heat pump with which you can cool, heat and ventilate.
Air-to-air heat pumps can perfectly replace a gas or fuel oil central heating system and are much more environmentally friendly and, above all, energy efficient


How does an air-to-air heat pump work?

Air-to-air heat pumps extract the (free) energy from the outside air to transfer the heat into the indoor space via the indoor appliances via the conduction of refrigerant.
By reversing the operation, namely extracting heat from the indoor air via the indoor unit and transferring it to the outside air via the outdoor unit, your house is cooled in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.


For whom?

Air-to-air heat pumps can be used in both new construction and renovation.
They are currently one of the most flexible and energy efficient options
In renovations, they can completely replace the old central heating system without too drastic changes (such as underfloor heating).
They exist in wall models, floor models, ceiling models,... and are available for every budget
Air-to-air heat pumps offer high comfort, are whisper quiet and very energy efficient.
Due to the limited installation costs, the recovery time of these investments is earned back very quickly.
You can enjoy coolness in the hot summer days and pleasant warmth in the winter months all year round.
These units can be operated with remote control, central control, home automation, remotely via app on telephone. In other words, you can operate your system from anywhere.

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