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Heat pumps

Best heat pump 2022

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump uses energy from nature. It is therefore an ecological and energy-efficient choice. The system extracts heat from the ground, from the groundwater or, in most cases, from the outside air. This free and renewable energy is used by a heat pump to heat work or living areas, to provide domestic hot water or even to heat the swimming pool.

How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump works very simply. The thermal energy extracted from the natural heat source (ground, water or air) is delivered to the heat emission system in the appliance. A heat transfer medium or coolant flows between the heat source and the climate system and regulates the temperature. 

To heat

The most common application of a heat pump is home heating. Do you opt for classic central heating with radiators or convectors? Which can. Just make sure that the radiators can achieve sufficient heat output. Other heating applications are more appropriate.


Heat pumps can als cooling systems or air conditioners are used. But then you have to install a reversible heat pump. With air-water and air-air heat pumps, we then speak of 'active cooling': the operation of the heat pump is reversed. The water is cooled or cooled air is blown into the house.

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